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Posters, Plans and Diagrams


Introduction to the Experience of Worship project (PDF)
Project partners (PDF)
Planning the organ (PDF)
Constructing the organ (PDF)
Decorating the organ (PDF)
The hanging pyx (PDF)
The cruets (PDF)
The paxboard (PDF)
The procession (Salisbury and St Teilo’s) (PDF)
Mass at Salisbury (PDF)
Mass at St Teilo’s (PDF)
Devotion at St Teilo’s (PDF)

Versions of the three organ posters above with Welsh text

Planning the organ (Cymraeg) (PDF)
Constructing the organ (Cymraeg) (PDF)
Decorating the organ (Cymraeg) (PDF)


Medieval Worship in Salisbury Cathedral: leaflet for Sarum College events (May 2011) (PDF)
Processions at Salisbury Cathedral in the late Middle Ages: handout for presentation in Salisbury Cathedral (October 2011) (PDF)

Plans and Diagrams

Diagrammatic plans of Salisbury Cathedral and St Teilo’s Church, identifying spaces used for the enactments (PDF)
Tabular summary of Mass of the Day in Quire or Chancel (PDF)
Tabular summary of simple Mass with priest, assisting server and singers (PDF)
Procession of the Holy Name, Salisbury Cathedral 9 October 2011: diagrammatic sequence of ritual (PDF)

Lists of enactments and events

Lists of enactments of late medieval and other liturgies, 2008–2013
List of presentations, papers, lectures and workshops, 2008–2013