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This section of the website is packed full of resources.

For the most part they fall into four categories:

• Video recordings
• Still images
• PDF files
• Other resources accessible online through other websites

There are 16 video recordings.

• 9 videos of full liturgical enactments
• 3 introductory videos, with commentaries on 3 shortened liturgical enactments
• 4 videos introducing elements of the whole project

The still images fall into two groups:

• The two principal buildings – Salisbury Cathedral and St Teilo’s Church
• The artefacts and vestments, with a substantial section on the organ

The PDF files fall into three main groups

Posters, plans, leaflets and diagrams
Performance texts and other documentary materials used for the enactments, including a series of documents about the artefacts and vestments
Reports and responses related to the enactments

Other resources consists of links to other sites.

Sarum Customary Online (another element of the research project) and Sarum Rite websites
• Downloadable primary texts
• Links to other relevant projects and networks