Artefacts, vestments and books

Making artefacts, vestments and books was a key element of the preparatory stages of the project, part of both investigation and realisation. They were required for use in the rituals, especially at St Teilo’s Church; but we learnt so much more about their significance, about the crafts and skills employed in their manufacture, and their meaning as sacred objects in the process.

There are four ways in which you can explore these objects and their place in the project.

• You can view the first of the introductory videos to the project – Making: Artefacts, organ and vestments , in which John Harper introduces most of the principal objects and talks about their use.
• You can click on a link in the Supporting Documents panel to open a pdf document with an image of an object and a narrative about investigating, making and using it.
• You can also click on the short description of each object further below in order to open a gallery of still images.
• Finally, you can read about the process of researching, making and using the objects in the project section of the website.

Short Descriptions

Short descriptions of the principal artefacts and vestments, with links to the gallery of still images:

There are also images of other fabrics, liturgical books, and other artefacts & hangings.